Restaurant & Dining Area

The finest cuisine throughout the day at 4* Hotel Tirolerhof

What makes a vacation day perfect? Perhaps a mouth-watering breakfast? Or maybe a hearty afternoon snack or multi-course gourmet menu in the evening? Everything is guaranteed to hit the spot. The highest quality and careful preparation enhance every flavor. 

We serve only the best: our region offers first-class food and meat from animals raised in natural conditions. This is something you can taste. You can enjoy cuisine here with all the senses. Bon appétit!

Allergies and food intolerances:

Our kitchen team is happy to cater to your special needs and requests. Those with allergies can also enjoy meals here with a clear conscience. 

Tirolerhof cookbook


Good morning!

The sound of eggs sizzling will be music to your ears in the morning. The food is always freshly prepared at the live cooking station. You can also enjoy bacon from the Zillertal, fresh bread, fruity jams, sausage and cheese specialties, as well as fresh, seasonal fruit.

Whenever possible, we use products from the region. This is what gives our food its exceptionally great taste and guarantees an optimal start to your vacation day in Tux.

Good afternoon!

After an active day in the Tux mountains, your stomach will be growling and looking forward to a hearty snack.

Small treats will satisfy your hunger and give you a little taste of the highlights awaiting you in the evening.

Good evening!

The atmosphere is laid-back, and the kitchen team is highly motivated. Nothing is served here that hasn't been prepared with love and creativity. 

Our restaurant offers local Tyrolean specialties as well as international delicacies along with fine wines. To top off an enjoyable evening, you can order a digestif at the Tiroler Bar. Happiness and satisfaction can be found right here.