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Health & vitality

So what is Tuxsund?

And why do we need tuxsund?

It’s a term that combines our home town ‘tux’ with the german word for healthy — ‘gesund’. To our minds, ‘tux-healthy’ reflects the factors that are important for restoring your health, wellbeing and vitality. And it recognizes that we can offer an extraordinary number of the measures needed to achieve tuxsund. Including the stress-reducing message that are included at no extra cost in mostbookings.

What can we do for you?

We help you reform and improve your health through movement and healthy, wholesome nutrition. Targeted measures to help bring greater relaxation into your day — enhancing your “resilience” to everyday personal stresses. We’re glad to show you crucial and, above all else, correct exercises to help your body, on vacation and back at home.

Please note: almost all of the elements mentioned here are part of the tirolerhof tux’s complimentary services, meaning no extra costs are involved.

How we support you

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Tuxsund: eating right

Keyword micro-nutrition — healthy and vital through the power of nature

Eating right starts in the morning. We’ve set up our own healthy & vital breakfast corner of the breakfast room, and also included special high-performance sports foods.

There are daily tips on hitting your vitamin and mineral goals, including what is healthy and why. The healthy & vital breakfast corner also contains quality products / ingredients that are rich in natural micro-nutrients that perform highly important daily tasks in your body to keep you healthy.

Our osteopath and nutritional scientist markus schauer offers a weekly seminar on important elements of nutrition, micro-nutrients and healthy movement.

Finally, we offer a “sleep well” menu every night, featuring extra-healthy alternatives to our normal gourmet menu. It is prepared for maximum digestibility, to promote better sleep through reduced digestive activity. Guests can choose which menu they prefer on a daily basis. Your wish is our command.

Relaxation & recuperation

Tuxsund: using proper relaxation & recuperation

To recharge your batteries at the tirolerhof

Our comprehensive program includes more than just sports, fitness, mountains, skiing and biking. There are also a variety of opportunities to recharge your batteries.

Take advantage of the many complimentary offerings — such as meditation sessions with the yoga instructor, tingling massages in the rooftop pool, the incredible views onto the tux mountains from the quiet room and the stimulating ‘aufguss’ sessions in the sauna where extra water is poured on the hot rocks. Where possible, alternate between hot and cold.


Tuxsund: moving right

For better sporting activity

Nina and Matthias are there for more than just verbal encouragement when it comes to learning the right way to move your body. They’re happy to go hands on to show you how it’s done, using themselves as examples of how training and experience can transform our bodies.

Our duo can cover a wide range of topics at no extra cost, all as part of our complimentary services: mobilization, stretching, healthy back programs, working with the fascia rolls, yoga, swimming, fitness and strength training using the body’s own weight and coordination training.


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