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„Strolling through the house, lending a hand, chatting with guests, drawing out smiles.“

Maria Tipotsch

“Sure, sure,” i said to the copywriters of the new homepage when they asked me if i’d be willing to write a few lines about myself. Can. Should. Why not? Nobody knows me as well as i know myself. At least that’s what i thought. Then i sat down with a sheet of paper. A fine fountain pen and an ink well and began to think. And write. And then crumpled up that sheet, tried again, ended up spilling ink on my white blouse. Then i wrote some more. Ok, i admit it — i was at the pc typing on a keyboard. But that doesn’t sound quite as romantic.

Maria, Host

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Sure, sure, we can do that

Right now life has me on a bit of a roller coaster. Or is it me taking life on the coaster? Anticipation, excitement and much more are running through me at present. My present. We’re all just waiting for this beautiful thing to grow to maturity. And hoping that you’re going to enjoy it as much as we will. I just walked by my new office, the first one i’ve ever really had in my life. I ran a hand across the door as i passed by. And contemplated how nice it will be to answer your questions in a relaxed setting, calling the local bakery, planning out the morning and redoing the bar menu with joggl.

Maiden flight for the Dirndl

Or to contemplate whether today is the right day to put on the new dirndl for serving that evening. It’s been waiting for its maiden flight for too long. And should i put on the shoes i bought on our last vacation?

Ok, you may be wondering why i’m writing about that. But these are the things i think about. Thought about. May consider again. Thanks for listening.


Strolling through the house, lending a hand, chatting with guests, drawing out smiles, trying my luck. Many things are possible if everyone is pulling together. In one direction. And the guests sense that they’re important.

„Turn the key. Open the door, on 3 october. I’m dreaming of that moment. Already.“

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