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Yoga – with a true

Werner Plattner is for us the embodiment of happiness. Our path to each other was long. As we planned the refresh of our hotel, it was clear to us that we needed to search for ways to fulfill your dreams of an ideal vacation.

And so we went looking for a person who could embody the hotel’s yoga offerings with passion, heart and mind. Personally.

Werner is the man for the job. He made his first trip to India back in 2005, hoping to train in Ayurvedic massage in Rishikesh.

Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn

There he met ram, who encouraged him to begin training in yoga. Which he did, with intense passion. From 2005 – 2016 and under the guidance of his instructor ram, he spent at least 2 months of each year learning the vedic philosophy and hatha yoga (the original yoga). His goals evolved into a life as a yoga instructor and ayurvedic and tibetian energy massage practitioner.

His training portfolio is broad and deep, and includes numerous highlights:

Iyengar yoga – pune – dharamshala,
Osho ashram – pune – manali (himalaya)
Sant seva ashram – rishikesh
Sivananda in trivandrum near kerala
Natray yog peeth, swargashram
Himalaya yoga – rishikesh
Hatha-yoga – path to harmony!

Hatha yoga
At tirolerhof tux

Werner introduces our guests to the world of hatha yoga, starting with morning and/or evening meditations. Among the many styles of yoga, hatha yoga is the most widespread. Ha means ‘sun’ or ‘breath of the sun’, tha means ‘moon’ or ‘breath of the moon.’ hatha yoga is a practice that unites opposing energies and holds flowing energies in balance.

Hatha yoga allows for noticeable changes within a short period. Uplifting and healing powers in the body, soul and spirit are awakened and stabilized. You’ll gain serenity and balance and be better equipped to handle the challenges of everyday life.

The exercises are tailored to the participants, allowing beginner and advanced students alike to enjoy the benefits of yoga. Group lessons are free for all guests, and werner offers private lessons as well.

The goal of yoga is to escape external influences — and to concentrate on the moment. Not always an easy assignment. At hotel tirolerhof, our new and renovated spaces include an inviting, brightly lit aerobics room, a wonderful space to bring body and mind into harmony. You can already look forward to motivating moments of visions inward and out.

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