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A sports powerhouse through and through.
That’s what people say.

„You can’t be careful enough when it comes to picking your parents.“

Nina Tipotsch

When it comes down to it, i don’t really like talking about myself that much. But i guess this is one of those times when you just have to. Then again, maybe not. Because i just had a good idea… My sweetheart matthias feels exactly the same way i do, so we made a deal: he’ll say a bit about me, and i’ll say a little bit about him on his page. It’s not a bad idea at all, and completely fair and sporting. At least i think so. So i’m handing over the microphone.

Nina, state-certified ski instructor and fitness trainer

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There’s few like her

So, while we’re on the topic of sports: yes, my dear nina. Where to begin? The fact that she’s just a nice person to her core, that she loves nature, the mountains and the tux valley with every ounce of her being is clear from the very first moment you gaze into those mischievous eyes. And if you get the chance to see her when she’s on fire, out in her element, on those powder skis doing her dance in the steep-n-deep. Wow. This is a girl who knows how to get her guests good and sweaty with a workout that she happily — and easily — does with them. Climbing’s never been a problem. Legend holds that as a little girl she used to do some clandestine clambering to get at oma’s aromatic christmas cookies, but she’s gotten really good once she started watching me. Climbing, that is. You know what i mean.

Just to be clear: it’s more than just her encyclopedia knowledge of fitness devices. I mean that there’s no cliff too high, no trail to steep, no guest to fit for her to handle.

Little wonder, since she’s a state-certified ski instructor and qualified fitness trainer (the official title on her degree: dipl. Professional health fitness & personal trainer, but it’s not like anyone remembers it.) and then there’s the fact that she used to be on the austrian national ski team, shuttling from ski race to ski race around the world and learning absolute world-class ski technique… It’s quite a story, and one that benefits our guests. Because she often heads out onto the slopes with hotel guests looking not just to show off the most chill carved arcs you’ve ever seen, but to pass on how she does it. Ok, that’s enough talk about my sweet nina, now it’s time for a busserl.


Were the three people from this morning also out there climbing with matthias? Back and ready for more? Maybe it’s the view. Maybe it’s the vacation
Madness. Or the mountain air? Or maybe a little bit because of me? Because of us?

„Sharing the joy, blazing new paths, this time is the first time. Soak it in. Wonderful..“

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