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From maitre’d to master of ceremonies
and back again.

“Things don’t always run smoothly here. That’s part of life, no matter who your family is.”

Joggl Tipotsch

Well then. Even if the people who know me would never believe it, i’m actually a bit shy at heart. Photoshoots where i have to appear on camera give me hives. And when the boys come around with the video camera to catch a snippet of film, i always end up a bit tongue-tied. But i’ll try to write a little something about myself, or at least do my best. Oida fux.

Joggl, host.

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The construction site, the bar, the big bottle — and me.

I’ve got quite a bit on my plate right now. There’s nothing easy about the construction site that’s right in front of our house door at the moment. Up to the roof, down to the cellar, over to the 20 meter pool, in to the electrical room. And maybe a quick dash into the underground garage. To “test the paint.” test the point, you may be wondering? In a gray subterranean garage? Well, it’s a surprise. But i will say this much: you won’t believe your eyes the first time you drive into our garage. And don’t forget to wash your car. Anything less would be a shame…;-)

Otherwise, what is normal life at the tirolerhof tux?

The big bottles are a choice, and i’ve collected them with love. And naturally at special times with special guests, we let in a little more air… And a little bit of the wine out. ‘recycling’, you might say nowadays.

But attentive readers know there’s one more topic of note: the bar. I’ll keep it brief. Promise. Even if the bar itself, and the party box that goes with it, usually involve a long night. When the mood strikes. Or as austria’s world class football star and trainer ernst happen once said: “wenn´s laft donn lafts” – once things get started, they don’t stop.

I’m not giving out details right now. Come by and have a look, join in the party, there’s also something better when you experience it live.


I like people. Who doesn’t. I like how the lay down their masks, become more real, find themselves. Just live. Be brave. Sometimes. Let themselves be carried along. And simply feel good.

„Ask me for a krautinger. And the world is fine.“

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