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The Zillertal has developed into

A hotspot for Nordic sports

Cross country skiing has seen a real resurgence in recent years. The Zillertal is part of the movement, with space aplenty for this healthy sport. The high elevations of the Tux valley ensure snow year after year, and practitioners of both skating and classical styles can find their rhythm… and elevated pulse.

Kilometers of groomed paths

The spectacular landscape of the Zillertal more than make up for the sweat and tears it demands. It also offers more than 125 kilometers of fantastically prepared tracks. Tux itself is home to 14 divine kilometers of tracks suitable for both classic and skating technique. The trials are of course free of charge for guests at Zillertal accommodations.

The Zillertal’s ski schools offer courses, while ski rental stores throughout the Zillertal have equipment on hand.

An overview of

Trails in Tux:


The Auenlopie trail starts in Tux-Vorderlanersbach. The trail runs below the TVB Tux-Finkenberg and then back to Tux-Vorderlanersbach. Stretching along 2.5 km of length, this track runs directly along the picturesque Tuxbach stream. The Auenlopie is suitable for both skating-style and classic aficionados.


If you drive from Tux-Lanersbach to Juns, you’ll see a number of parking spots at the edge of Juns. This is the trailhead for the intermediate-level Junslopie trail, which runs a 2.2 km circuit. It’s suitable for both classic and skating styles.

Luggi Gredler Loipe

This track for both classic and skating skiers is named for Tyrol biathlon icon Ludwig “Luggi” Gredler. The multi-faceted loipe features fantastically groomed tracks that run through the magical winter landscape between Vorderlanersbach and the Madseit district.


This 3.5 km intermediate trail sits at 1,405 m of elevation and is part of the 14 km Hintertux trail. As the name suggests, it runs through the district of Madseit.

Please always obey the rules of the trail

  • Stay in the right track
  • Dogs are not allowed on the trail
  • Do not hike on the tracks without skis
  • Please dispose of your trash appropriately
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