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We take things pretty lightly on most of this website — vacation, like life, is made for having fun — but now it’s time to be a little more serious. Now it’s time to talk about supporting guests with blockages and pain in their musculoskeletal system. Our osteopath Markus Schauer DO, DPO, MMsc. harnesses his knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics to resolve blockages and activate the body’s own healing power.

“Osteopathy is a mixture of philosophy, science and art. The philosophy involves the concept of unity between structure and function of the organism in both healthy and unhealthy states. The science encompasses the sub-areas of biology, chemistry and physics in the service of health and prevention. The art is in the application of this philosophy and science in practice.”

(H.M. Wright, Perspectives in Osteopatic Medicine. Kirksville College of Ostepatic Medicine, Kirksville 1976)


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Health isn’t a goal that we achieve, but rather a form of balance that our bodies want to maintain. And that’s no easy task, since our body is constantly subjected to internal and external influences that knock it out of balance. As long as our body can maintain that balance, we talk about being healthy. When that balance is lost, we become ill. Yet even if we become ill, our body doesn’t give up, but rather attempts to regain its health, meaning establish a new balance.

This ability of our body to maintain health, or to reattain it when struck by disorder, is a testament to our self-healing abilities. They manifest themselves in a variety of ways, from blood’s ability to clot a wound, to fight off the infections and bacteria, to develop immunity to the same pathogens after a viral infection or when a bone grows back together after a break.

Most illnesses and symptoms arise becomes some restriction to mobility prevents a structure from functioning properly. Left unchecked, these disruptions can eventually cause damage to the structures themselves. For this reason, an osteopath will always attempt to release the movement restriction. In this way, he attempts to liberate the self-healing powers, which can then take their full effect. And that’s all an osteopath can do. He can’t heal our bodies himself.



An extensive examination is then followed by diagnosis and therapy, exclusively using the hands. The osteopath can examine human tissue layer by layer. In this way, he detects restrictions to movement and tensions for which special osteopathic techniques have been developed.

An osteopathic treatment lasts 50 minutes on average. The body can react for two to three weeks to an osteopathic treatment.

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